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Also just to make things more confusing I was born in the summer, so it was an hour ahead of the actual time zone I live in British summer time is actually a made up time , so should I confirm the previous day? Yes Dreamspell is calculated from Midnight to Midnight… go with the time zones you are in to keep it simple, as the energies do not just cut off and another begin, it is an evolving energy one into the next, so what came before evolves into what is now, evolves into what is to come… So your full reading is a 13 day cycle, which brings a magnifying glass to how you may naturally move in your life….

I read the description, but it seems weird to me that all I would be here to do is simply meet like-minded people?

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How can I find what career is best for me through this description? Admittedly because I thought negative of myself. Thank you for this site! The Mayan readings have been invaluable in my journey of self awareness! I am Blue Overtone ,Storm, Kin harmonic. Apparently I was born on a GAP day, making me a galactic portal.

I wanted to connect wne who can y journey-peace!! Please feel free to email me to book a session. Emma says:. I am a yellow spectarl warrior!!! I have my information over and over again. I must seek to understand more plz if any one can help me. My Facebook name is Ceasar Arroyo. My profile pic says God is love.

Irene says:. I have an identical twin brother that died at stillborn. Help me understand this? Hi there How can I find out about what year I am in? Withing my family I mean. I know I am a blue overtone night, but I would like to know what is my mission this year or in which year Im at? I hope I am explaining myself : Thank you. Thanks so much. Angela says:. Is there anyone that can help me to understand more about this role and how to attune myself to it?

Blue crsytal monkey!! This is exactly like me! I have been dwelling I. My shadow my whole life it feels. Thank you and the music was amazing that I listened too on the first page to find your clan. What an amazing gift to give knowing this information. Very relaxing and powerful.

Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Find your Galactic Dreamspell Mayan 47 Comments. Jose Arguelles reinterpreted the Mayan cycles in a modern context and named it the Dreamspell Calendar. Think of it as an energetic map of the self offering a living language of symbols and mythology.

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NOTE: Once you know your galactic name then come back here and read below… 2. Look for your name and click on it to read. Thank you for this. Leroux says: May 18, Reply. Sup dude! I am White Resonant Wizard too! Cormael says: Nov 24, Reply. Hi Athena!! Wowwwwww…all so fascinating! Pretty powerful! I believe him to be my twin flame …but I digress. My question was more wanting insight about our Mayan astrology and how we relate. Just curious if you have any insight about that relation to each other? Thank you so much for your time, and this space to learn in!

Ahhhh yes, so interesting! When these two positions are flipped — you are the other persons Challenge — I would say it is a definite sign that you have some kind of soul contract or affiliation or love with this person. Remember that whatever our Challenge is, that with time, it can totally turn into our GIFT…something we are really good at. You, on the other hand will be supported to be more radiant and confident with your self-expression and to BE harmony in your heart instead of being so in your Head all the time.

The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar

Thank you so much for your response. This all makes so much sense. There has never been jealousy, feeling disconnected even when we are. So, it became much much more evident to myself that there was something drastically wrong with this calendar. But what happened was I got this method to go around February 29th.

Which is, really simply, I started counting the year from March 1st, instead of January 1st. And what you do is look up the month across the top and the day down here. You add this red number and blue number together and it will tell you what day it is on the Mayan calendar. My birthday happens to be January 26, So, January 26, , when you look that up, when you get down here you have to use the number next to , because of how you skip over January and February.

So, once you get the number, then you can go straight over here to the Mayan calendar and it will tell you what day out of these different days it is. And like I said, today is 13 storm which is right down here-right down there is 13 storm. And what happened is I went back to Guatemala with these charts. This time though I went to the top. I went to Guatemala City and went to the leader of the indigenous chiefs and elders. And I met with him and two of his other shamans and presented what I had. And he understood the momentous event that had just occurred.

But he knew this was a pathway, a doorway that opens the calendar for all, for everyone. And every single person who came to their civilization with white skin and blue eyes had done nothing but rape, pillage, and murder. So, we sat for quite a while. But mostly we sat in silence and looked at one another-looked through one another.

Because they wanted to be absolutely sure who I was. At the end of the time I had sworn to them and to the Mayan people I would straighten out all of the misconceptions about the Mayan calendar worldwide. I had no idea, no idea at the time that I would be anywhere near this position with the information I ended up with. Now once this Codex was produced, it went straight to Sweden. There is a guy over there, actually a friend of mine, an acquaintance of mine, I should say. John Major Jenkins had an acquaintance with Calleman, with Dr. And Dr.

Calleman is a Swedish biochemical engineer who had been studying the Mayan calendar for eight years. You see, archaeologists, what they do is conjecture about things, they surmise. Calleman, what he did was he was looking for what could be proven about the Calendar rather than conjectured about the calendar. So, for eight years he gathered data. And then he had a book he sent to me. I read the book. I was starkly amazed. And I helped him get the book published, or help start that work.

And he came to Cancun where I was at the time. We lived together for two months in a one bedroom apartment in Cancun. And we got to know each other real good. He went back to Sweden when we were done. And I went to Sedona, Arizona to actually ground this information in Sedona.

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And I was there for three years as a homebase. Traveled the world with this information doing these talks, but Sedona was the homebase. This is the book I recommend everyone buy and read. This book, very technical, very correct. It reads like a textbook. I felt the need to open up a discussion that would clarify the confusions caused because of the Dreamspell.

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Dreamspell, which is also known by the moon calendar, is not the actual calendar that the Mayas were using. This is an invented system by one of the important figures of the New Age movement, Jose Arguelles. Here, I would like to show my gratitude to Arguelles who is one of the pioneers in the world to pull the attention to the Mayan calendar. He is also the first person to reveal the spiritual basis of the Mayan calendar. As exhibited here, Dreamspell although it is presented as an alternative to the Gregorian calendar is a calendar that combines astronomical cycles rather than tracking the spiritual evolution of consciousness alone.

Well the Maya never combined spiritual cycles with the astronomical cycles. They use the Haab as their solar calendar for agricultural events, however they never linked it to Tzolkin. A calendar that is based on astronomical cycles, would not explain the evolution of consciousness.

Hence, it would not be wise to say that Dreamspell is aligned with the notion of the true Mayan calendar. Many of the followers of Dreamspell, mostly for lack of knowledge, simply presented Dreamspell as The Mayan Calendar. In practice the result of this was that many individuals have been deluded into thinking that the Galactic Signature they had been assigned also was the one that the Maya would have used. This count is not mistaken or missed even for one day for all this time. It is the only true resource for being aligned with the synchronicities and flow of the cosmos.

For following the true Tzolkin, you can click here. This is a web portal that gathers together websites and researches who use the authentic Tzolkin count. For the past seven years, I have been learning directly from Ajq'ij and elders in Guatemala about that tradition. This is the place from which I speak to you, on behalf of this experience.

The tradition is non confrontational and has thus not undertaken any efforts to discredit the works of those that advance this system.

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They have issued warnings, however, and I have heard that the Grand council of Ajq'ij and elders are becoming more stringent regarding the release of information and who is claiming to represent the Mayan tradition because so many have taken advantage of the people and the tradition … This warning has also been directed at those using the dreamspell that still promote it as a Mayan system, it is not something they recognize or endorse.

During the past decade interest in the Calendars of the Maya has dramatically increased world-wide. Ultimately, this increasing interest is derived from the fact that a new consciousness of time is now emerging. A New Age gives rise to a new consciousness of time which in turn requires a new calendar for this to be expressed. This new consciousness of time is today commonly experienced either as if time is accelerating, or that it simply disappears.

Maybe, in fact, the idea that time is a quantity is on its way out. Is it merely an illusion of ours that time is running faster or has our highly developed technological society developed so effective means of tele communications that everything is speeding up to a point where things almost become unbearable? Another possibility is that the speed-up of time is real and caused by factors entirely outside of human control. Factors which in accordance with the divine plan proceed from a galactic level of creation and actually cause the emergence of a new age - a new age of time.

There have been rumours that the year will mean a "time shift" and Edgar Cayce had predicted a "pole shift" "in the winter of As many spiritually evolved people have realized time is ultimately an illusion, but since it happens to be the very illusion that maintains our lives, it may be worth the effort to probe deeper into its mystery. As a tool to do so the calendar of the Maya has again come into use. Western astrology, which in principle is based on the study of endless repetitions of the cyclical movements of the celestial bodies with fixed periods of revolutions fixed frequencies , could never logically explain the increased frequency of time.

To understand the frequency increase we need to accept a concept of time which is independent of the movement of material bodies. We need to accept the concept of time of the Maya. Anyone who takes an interest in the ancient culture of the Maya will soon realize that this people had an understanding of time which was vastly different from our own, and many have come to use it for their own spiritual evolution. But what then is the Mayan calendar? It turns out this is not as unambiguous as one might think.

The so called day keepers in Guatemala and Mexico use some twenty different calendars in parallel and over the ages these have undergone significant change. For instance, no inscriptions of the chronology of the ancient Maya, the so called Long Count starting on August 11, BC and ending on December 21, , have been found that were made after the tenth century AD. Thus, we have reasons to suspect that also the consciousness of time of the Maya has undergone some significant change since the Classical culture reigned between AD - What this all means is that there hardly exists such a thing as a Mayan calendar cut in stone for us simply to assimilate without deeper thoughts or insights about the nature of the divine plan.

In their system the leap day every fourth solar year was simply ignored, apparently to keep the ideal of 13 x 28 intact. These Thirteen Moons were then linked to a special tzolkin count different combinations of thirteen numbers and twenty different glyphs in which each individual could find out what was his or her "Galactic Signature. This idea may have attracted some, but certainly many more were attracted by the idea that the particular day they were born had an inherent energy described by their Galactic Signature, that is, tzolkin day.

This latter idea certainly had support from the notions of the Maya, in principle. There was however a problem with the Dreamspell, namely that the Maya had never used the particular tzolkin count that it was linked to. In addition, there still existed a tzolkin count, the Classical, which was used over the entire Mesoamerican region in Classical times and had survived until today in the Highlands of Guatemala and elsewhere among the Mayan day keepers.

His initial response was to say that he had received his calendar by divine revelation. Since he saw himself as an incarnation of Pacal Votan, a Mayan king who ruled in Palenque in the seventh century AD, everything he did was in accordance with the divine plan. To my knowledge he never responded in a direct way to the issues raised.

Later, he claimed in an interview that Dreamspell was really not a Mayan calendar, although he still asserted its value. And this later position is obviously perfectly legitimate. As long as it is not claimed that the Dreamspell count has been used by the Maya anyone is in his right to assert its possible value, if any. As we discuss a new calendar for the future, for the new age, I believe however that what is most important is to specify what is the purpose of this calendar and chronology. Unless we do so we may either run into the kind of pie throwing that was typical of the True Count Debate, or resign to a attitude that has become common today, to claim that "anything goes," that there really is no such thing as a True Count and that all there is are our individual truths But then, if there is no True Count, what value would any particular tzolkin count really have?

In contrast to these resigned thoughts I feel that when it comes to developing a Mayan calendar useful to chart our future it is important to realize the predominant role of the tzolkin in such a project. It also seems that without exception Mayan day keepers maintain that the tzolkin count is the hub around which all other calendrical cycles turn, and it is for this reason that, although it has sometimes been lost, the tzolkin count is not known ever to have been intentionally reformed.

The tzolkin has been regarded as the master calendar around which all the others revolve. If it is true that the tzolkin count plays such a crucial role, then the consequence would be that if we desert it our calendrical system may end up anywhere. Unless we respect the Sacred Calendar - and its divine origin - there will be no hub keeping the various other calendars linked.

To make a clear example of this: Many people have become fascinated by the fact that the Mayan Long Count ends in the year , sensing that this may be a time of fundamental importance to humanity. And, in fact, the Mayan Long Count is a fairly exact calibration of a certain process of evolution of the human consciousness. This calendar is however linked to a certain tzolkin count, the Classical, meaning that it is only those that respect this hub of the calendars that will be in phase with the particular evolution of consciousness that the Long Count describes.

If we instead chose to use another tzolkin count than the Classical, such as the Dreamspell, we will not be able to logically integrate the divine creation cycles in our thinking and we will thus miss the whole point with the spiritual calendars of the Maya - the possibility of being in phase with the ascension of humanity.

What then is the purpose of calendars? During the last years they have had an important purpose in aiding people to keep track of the agricultural year. For this purpose a calendar based on astronomical observations, and the exact estimation of the duration of the solar year, It has thus for agricultural reasons been necessary to arrive at a very exact estimate of the astronomical year and to keep each day of the year frozen with regard to the place the earth then occupies in its orbit around the sun.

Such a calendar is useful for telling us when to sow and harvest, etc, and the Gregorian calendar for one fulfils this purpose very well. But it is certainly questionable if either the haab or the Thirteen Moons has anything to offer that goes beyond the Gregorian calendar when it comes to following the seasons or in aiding agriculture. I would say they do not. In addition to calendars for the agricultural year, and a number of astronomical calendars describing the movements of the various planets, the ancient peoples of this planet however also had a divine calendar which was founded on the day year.

Among the Maya this period of time was called a tun, which was also the foundation of their Long Count. But the same period of time exists under different names in all of the major ancient cultures on earth; it is found among the Chinese, in India, among the Sumerians and Egyptians and the Jews. It also existed in the ancient cultures of Europe, e.

In the Book of Revelation, the most important prophetic scripture of the Christian religion, we may with some detective work find out that as this was written days was considered as a "time". Maybe then the ancient peoples of this planet were able to see something that for the most part we ourselves have become blind to, since they rather generally seem to have been using a holy calendar based on the days in parallel with the agricultural calendar of days.

There is not space here to provide the evidence that the time period of days is a key unit for the evolution of consciousness, but briefly it can be said that increasingly higher levels of human consciousness evolve according to rhythms given by different multiples of the tun. Thus, the frequency of creation step by step increases with each new level of consciousness in a pyramidal structure. Only calendars that are constructed in accordance with such a hierarchical structure of time cycles can create an understanding of the evolution of consciousness, while calendars that are based on an endless repetition of for instance the 28 day period or the day period will always ultimately lead to a linear concept of time.

Regardless of their duration an endless repetition of cycles will always result in a linear concept of time. To return to the issue of the Dreamspell calendar it is a highly telling detail that this simply omits the leap day every fourth year.

While this may seem like a small detail, it highlights that in the Dreamspell concept of time matter is considered as primary to consciousness rather than the other way around. In reality, of course, the leap day is also part of the divine plan and of the energy sequence of the true tzolkin although this is not expressed by the Dreamspell count to begin with. In my own opinion the divine plan is much more important for our spiritual evolution than the movements of matter, in this particular case the astronomical year. The new phase in the evolution of consciousness that will start with the inception of the Galactic Creation Cycles on January 5, will not only carry a new consciousness of time, but also the return of Christ consciousness and the ascension of humanity to a higher consciousness.

Since this process is not based on anything physical In the new world view matter will be considered as secondary to consciousness and everything material that exists in the universe will be recognized as a manifestation of consciousness it is not possible to use astronomical days or biological 28 days cycles to describe its evolution. Following calendars based on the material reality, such as the Gregorian, the haab or the Thirteen Moons, can only result in people getting stuck in materialist concepts of time and remaining blind to the divine plan.

Those that look for a calendar that describes the evolution of consciousness should rather seek to follow a calendar based on the Classical day tzolkin and the day tun, cycles that have a purely spiritual origin. The tzolkin and the divine creation cycles based on the day-"year" which includes a range of time cycles, hablatuns, alautuns, kinchiltuns, kalabtuns, pictuns, baktuns and katuns each corresponding to the development of a specific frame of consciousness describe the galactic vibrations that emanate from the invisible branches of the World Tree the Milky Way.

What is central in the divine process of creation is that its evolution proceeds as a result of Seven pulses of light interspersed by six periods of darkness, something which has been described by Sumerians, Babylonians, Jews, Christians and Muslims, but also hinted at by the Maya and Aztecs. On the 5th of January such a process of creation consisting of thirteen tun will begin which will endow the human beings with a galactic frame of consciousness. The increasingly more rapid, and higher, vibrations that emanate from the World Tree will lead not only to an altered consciousness of time, but also to a new experience on our own part of colors, sounds and the existence of higher spiritual dimensions.