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Sagittarius season means adventure for you, Aries, but Mercury has been retrograde, so this adventure has had some bumps in the road, miscommunications, and delays. The energy shifts on December 1, when Mercury moves backwards from Sagittarius to Scorpio—an emotional water sign that finds you in deep exploration of your past, as well as your fears of the future and the unknown.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio wants you to wriggle free from the things that have paralyzed you emotionally, even if it might feel scary and frustrating to revisit things you thought you'd escaped. This is a hard journey, but Venus will enter Scorpio on December 2, which will certainly help—maybe even financially! Sweet Venus in sexy Scorpio will certainly give your intimate relationships a boost, but watch out for big egos on December 2, when the sun clashes with your ruling planet, Mars.

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Mercury ends its retrograde on December 6, finding you moving forward around many emotionally-complicated issues, and a fantastic journey begins for you on December 7, during the new moon in Sagittarius. But the energy on December 7 will be tricky, so take it slow. Your ruling planet Mars will meet with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusions. This is not the time to binge watch movies about conspiracies, aliens, or the paranormal, as you run the risk of feeling paranoid as hell.

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The energy is ungrounded and emotionally-charged issues are being poked at, and you find yourself thinking the worst. These demons are an illusion, they are the shadows in your mind, and during this new moon, they appear to be something other than what they are. Rather than allowing yourself to fall into these fantasies in a bad way, celebrate your imagination! The beginning of the month was not easy, but from this point on, December looks lovely!

As both returned just over a week before the Sun last month, this was a chance for your heart and mind to get in first and to make communication a priority from the get go. Mercury, the planet of communication will leave on 3rd October, making communication both a priority and something that has some urgency, from the get go. Venus, the planet of love is here until 9th October, giving your heart a voice and having a strong say in what you want from your relationships. While it is the norm to have the Sun, Mercury and Venus return to your relationship sector at this time every year, it is not the norm to have Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos here.

Until the Moon returns to your communication sector from 17th October to 19th October there will be no more communication support once Mercury leaves.

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By the time Mars returns you should have a good sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you, giving the warrior planet of the cosmos something to fight for. A lot of this was learnt the hard way, with no planet able to move through your relationship sector without clashing with the planets in Aries. This is key to getting to the heart of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. A Full Moon in Aries on 14th October will bring the most obvious clash. To start with it is business as usual on the income and financial fronts, but within days the dynamics of not only this financial month but the financial year itself will begin to shift.

Until now, the most dominant focus for the money gods has been on income matters. Since Uranus returned to begin a seven year visit to your income sector in March, the focus has remained on income matters in a way not seen before. Since turning retrograde in August, Uranus has pulled back but in a way that has allowed him to play support for developments on the job and career fronts.

A parade of planets moving through your work sector has been a boost to your income confidence and potential, especially when it comes to untapped income potential.

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With things continuing to develop on both the job and career fronts, Uranus will remain part of that but in retrograde motion until January, will spend the remainder of this year in the background. It remained and still remains as you move into the new month, on income matters or on money coming in.

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This is the point in any year when the Sun turns the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters but he and the other planets return to find that the rules have changed. You have two money houses, your income sector where Uranus is located, which is all about money coming in and your financial sector, which is more about what you do with the money you have.

While each planet returning to your financial sector will clash with Uranus and this might create some financial tension, these are fast moving planets.

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In each case you will gain more understanding when it comes to a balance between money coming in and money going out. The month gets off to a curious start in that you have one foot on the brake and another on the gas, but with a huge amount of confidence, excitement and anticipation on both the job and career fronts. With Mars leaving your work sector on 4th October and the Sun, Venus and Mercury having all left last month, the warrior planet of the cosmos is coming in hot and heavy, with the early days of the month likely to be busy and even frenetic.