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Steph SlowHands is a double scorpio bi Black femme from the future. She has been working with the Tarot for 15 years. She is also a scholar, a poet and a professor. She likes sci-fi, critical theory, making zines and working from bed. Eads In this card pull, Sagittarians share a theme card. But each of the three kinds of Sagittarius, those born at the first decan or the first ten degrees of the sign, sorta like the first ten days, those born at the second ten and the third each have a card for how to work with this theme.

In particular, July 2nd there is a solar eclipse at 10 degrees in Cancer and July 16th a lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. Read more about why eclipses matter here or join my site to see me geeking about it in the archives. Nobody wants to see the Ten of Swords. For many of us, it paid pays to bounce at the right time. You may not be able to change the hard parts, but you can make space for, and accept, all of you. You can only do your best. You are the only one who knows what that looks like. What if the attacker is irrelevant?

You may not be used to turning away from the story of what grips you. Consider that you might find healing focusing on just your experience even when your instinct is to turn away. First decan Sagittarius fam, the Six of Chalices speaks of the immense power of your imagination. We use past experience to interpret the present and to decide the acceptable conditions for feeling other emotions. This card invites you to own and explore what is your criteria for feeling peace? With choice, your emotions can be the palette with which you create a vibrant future.

Without it, we are imprisoned to one path with only one acceptable way to feel. This card is a reminder that multitasking not meant for humans. Feeling, doing, and noticing are all tasks. Third decan Sagittarius friends, this Two of Wands is a human beginning. The microcosm of your inner landscape is deeply connected to the macrocosm of all-that-is. You have a place in the world.

Your emotions have a place. Step forward and feel yourself a part of the world again. You are no stranger to it. In fact, you may be sick of it. The track will repeat until you embody the most relevant messages. In fact you may be sick of it. Siobhan is a NYC-born writer, spiritual ally, and pro tarot reader living in central Texas. Her facilitative style is the blended result of over 15 years of tarot study as well as communication styles, shamanic ritual, sacred sexuality, and alternative relationships.

Join her membership area. There we can geek out about tarot and astrology. Publisher: U. Games Systems, Inc. Dear Capricorn, Cancer season will usher in a time of truth-telling that, while sobering, will breath new life into your heart. As the season turns from Spring to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, much is laid bare before you. There are truths, many of which may be challenging to breathe in, being revealed to you that will provide just the clarity you need to make more self-loving decisions.

This is a time of both discernment and healing.

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Cancer season is the clearing of the air you need to take a deeper breath in your life, mend old pain, and celebrate the power of your heart to deepen the love you have for yourself. Our lungs, which remarkably look like the branches of a tree, are our breathing organs. In many traditional decks, the Seven of Swords Air is an invitation to notice hidden motives or motivations. Where are you hiding or running away? Even when we need strong boundaries and space away from situations that feel unsafe, it takes immense energy to hide.

There can often be a feeling of guarded vigilance with this archetype. We see the remedy in the Seven of Air. Breathe in the truth and let it clear the air so that you can finally take a deep cleansing breath and come out of self-protective hiding. With the truth in hand, you can aim up in a positive optimistic direction — just as the Curandera of Air holds Rosemary up to the sky in the image above. Truth can be just the sharp tool we need to carve our path forward. It helps us right size our expectations and understanding of what is possible. Holding truth in our hands, we do not have to be guided or swayed by the fear of the unseen or unknown but can rather point the arrow of our minds in a peaceful and loving direction.

Know that the clarity you receive will help you to more easily tell yourself, and others, what you need and want, without mincing your words. So what does all this truth telling gift you? It will gift you the ability to discern and make decisions from a renewed place of self-love. The Empress offers not only the gifts of love and compassion she also reignites creativity and passion. The archetypal mother wants you to flourish and she knows that you need a loving and spacious internal environment for that to happen.

The lungs and heart sit together in the ribcage. They are partners. Likewise, you can view truth and love as partners that allow you to not only inhale love and inspiration but to exhale and breath your own life force energy, to leave your mark, on what matters to you. Mold your world with your truth. Capricorn, let truth set you free during Cancer season. Let it reveal to you the clarity hiding beneath the truth. Allow clarity to become your arrow. Aim it to the sky.

Nourish it with your breath, your life-force energy. Exhale into trust. The world needs your loving presence, fully and without a vigilant veil hiding any aspect of the magnificence of you. Allow clarity to become your arrow.. Jennifer has 30 years of mastery working with the tarot and nearly two decades of experience facilitating somatic movement and body wisdom with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creatrix of ArcanaDance, a transformative somatic divination practice that brings the tarot to life through the oracle of the body.

Each of us is a living archetype, in ArcanaDance, you access your own wisdom via the intelligence of your body. While she hails from the boogie down Bronx, she currently lives in Southern California. Jennifer reads for clients and facilitates ArcanaDance experiences all over the country and soon, guided by her birth card, the world!

Website: www. Cancer season can be a difficult one for you Aquarius. It has a reputation for being an emotional time, something you are known for shying away from, but that also tends to be where the deepest work lies. Through finding your joy and accessing your inner wisdom, you can navigate the watery depths of this season. The Page of Arrows serves as a reminder of your determination and ability to cut through the mist to get to the heart of the matter. Trust your inner wisdom. It can be from a broken dream, from the loss of a job, from the loss of a loved one, the list goes on. Instead of focussing your energy outwards, turn inward instead.

This is a good season to count your blessings, no matter how mundane or small they might seem. And to end things on a high note, we have The Sun of Life. This is such a joyous card, filled with the boundless potential of life. Let the light of the sun spill into the shadows of your life and energize your spirit. Regardless of where you are, find the light in your life and bask in its glory.

Aquarius, let the light of the sun spill into the shadows of your life and energize your spirit. Kyra Jacques-Grundy is the creatrix of Nox Tarot, offering tarot readings for people all over the world. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she currently lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband and their dog. After being a professional dancer and dipping her feet in the corporate world, reading tarot is what fills her soul. Kyra is currently studying under John Matthews to be a Celtic Shaman. She can often be found reading in the bath, gazing at the moon, or journeying through the Otherworld.

Instagram: noxtarot Facebook: Nox Tarot Twitter: noxtarot. Dame Darcy. Moonology Oracle Cards. Nyx Rowan. Hay House, Oracle of the Mermaids. Lucy Cavendish. Blue Angel Publishing, Ooh Pisces, are you ever poised to experience a surge of creative energy! Show your love in the comments! Tweet your favs and share these Scopes! Listen to a Cancer theme song click to open song in new tab. Back to Sco pes List. Something to invite in: Page of Swords The Pages are the kids of the Tarot, and this kiddo is the original idealist. Something to let go of: Three of Pentacles The Three of Pentacles is inviting you to create some breathing space between you and your collective so that you can reconnect with who you are as an individual.

Guiding star: Temperance Your guiding star in this work is balance. LEO Chosen Eyes. Wishing you smooth sailing on the Cancer seas, -Cameron. Slow Holler Published by Slow Holler. Dear Scorpio, welcome to Cancer season. Unsurprisingly for you, this month the vibes are very…watery. Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Oracle Cards: That initial vision has expanded to find Miriam and her husband as the proud owners of a used bookstore Blind Forest Books and the firm belief that with focused intention and following your intuition, anything is possible.

You may be a contradiction of sorts this month. However, to take your mind off of this, it would be a fantastic time to be a loving parent or mentor to someone who needs to get back on course. Your children or some young children really need your attention, direction and counsel. Give it freely. This is a time for further formal education, lectures, seminars, workshops, or training for your job or new interest or any kind of modality to give you the information you desire.

Your reputation and career team up as if they were one. You will do very well in work and may even get a surprise boost in your career. Be sure that you are fair in all dealings and a moral reputation will follow. You may wish to spend a little more time at home and do whatever it is you want to do in your home regarding clearing the space, redecorating, painting or buying new furniture.

Once the new energy comes into your home, it will give you an increase of love, happiness, abundance in all things and inner peace. Be aware that being critical of a partner, friend or family member may really hurt the relationship. Think before you speak to them after you have calmed down so you can discuss your issue with them logically rather than with anger!

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Invite yourself into new relationships so that you can experience many new adventures on your journey in life. This is a time where you should get your dreams and abilities in sync with each other so that you can accomplish many dreams that you have put on the back burner. Friends, groups and associations seem important now. Join groups that have similar interests and meet new people. This would also be a good time to solidify your hopes and dreams.

Take steps to reach your goals. Your refinement and personality are in a class beyond compare. You like to be well-dressed and appreciate others who take pride in their appearance. You are a genuine caring person who wants to help everyone; be careful not to spend all of your energy on others that you are overwhelmed when you have to take care of your home, career, projects or chores. You are equality minded and love to discuss important issues from a spiritual or philosophical point of view.

Joining some classes would be a good diversion for you and you will learn more about a subject you like. You may procrastinate here and there, but just remember, if you do, you will get stuck in that same negative energy until you change the situation or circumstance. You may need a bit more confidence in your abilities. Be passionate about your life now. Be thankful for your blessings and more of them will be attracted to you. Your personal appearance is very important to you as well as the respect of others. If you can be a little more flexible in your thinking, you will avoid arguments and confrontations.

Dealing with women this month will make you feel fulfilled and happy. Any type of volunteer work would be a welcomed change. You want to help others, but also want your privacy, so again, balance in all things is desired. Money issues are on your mind, but you are doing fine. Just keep up the great savings plan or wherever you have your money and you will feel extremely secure about your finances. This is a month where you will be racing around doing a lot of travel, or having a great time with outdoor activities.

Even though you are getting back into the swing of things for the beginning of Autumn, you still have many projects that must be completed before starting new ones. You are very open-minded, lucky and optimistic so your exuberance for life will flow onto others. Your excitement will be contagious.

Be sure that your family is well taken care of. Outings with the family would go over well. A very good time to be with family, siblings and close friends. Talk over anything that has been an issue between you because now there will be more understanding and sensibleness encompassing both of you.

Life is good. You may have some organizational issues and may not be on not on top of projects. You are quite serious this month and may expect that there will be an issue or two which will pull the rug out from under you. If this is the case, deal with one thing at a time and all will be perfectly handled. Watch out for misunderstandings and drawing premature conclusions. Get all of the facts so you can make an informed decision on any topic. Home life and getting your home into shape for the upcoming holidays may be on your mind.

You take a lot of pride in your home and this is a time where you can shine. You have too may things to do, so it keeps you nearby. You need a break! Try to balance your life with family, friends and yourself. You are not winning the race this time, so plan on a few changes.

This is a time to participate in the arts, such as music, drawing, painting or singing. You should express yourself more freely now. There is a lot of thought about occultism, theories, philosophies and dreams. Be aware that this is a time where drugs and alcohol may be an issue; if not you, those close to you may abuse these addictions. However, it also indicates that your imagination and creativity is at its peak now so invent or finish something that is important to you. You have the intelligence to do it, so just do it. Hesitating will only get your more procrastination and may not make your dreams come true.

She may be contacted at to make an appointment for a telephone or in-person tarot, astrology or Feng Shui consultation. Vikki Anderson. This book has information combined from her first tarot book published in and new information gained throughout the last thirteen years. Vikki has changed many of the meanings of the cards as she had thought that many of them were very negative. This book divides itself into many interesting areas of metaphysics.

This book gives you detailed information about which questions to ask in a reading to get the most insightful information for your family, friends or client. Beginning in May of this year, we have had an inordinate amount of retrogrades plaque us. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have been going in and out of retrogrades, not to mention our good friend, Mercury retrograde. These retrogrades do bring some negative and uninvited results into our lives. We all know what Mercury Rx does. It makes miscommunication easy, there are computer, car, and electronic issues that keep us from continuing forward in a job or goal.

There are always hurdles to overcome to get to your original goal and it takes longer to get there. Jupiter Rx may bring good luck through unexpected or hidden means, and unusual circumstances. It can expand situations and make a bad situation worse. Depending upon where it is in your chart, it can make you look inward and discover truths about yourself, and can be an expansion time. If Jupiter goes over your first house cusp, or Ascendant, unfortunately, it makes you gain weight. It also allows you to have a greater world view and makes you think of what your place is in it.

Saturn Rx is a little more menacing. It can make you feel depressed, or make you give up on a project, chore, hope or dream as it seems too overwhelming for you to handle. It can bring in many obstacles for you to obtain your goals and dreams. However, once you overcome the obstacles, you will be on your way to understanding why you had to go through these tests and the positive outcome it provided you.

It can be extremely distressing and over-powering; however, if you stay your course and continue to chip away at your goals, you will be victorious.

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Saturn teaches you lessons you have to learn. If we learn them, they will never have to be repeated. Uranus Rx may be precarious in regards to accidents or misadventures if you are not careful. Uranus Rx can make you reckless causing an unfortunate accident or circumstance to arise and can make you take reckless chances. It may let you stay in whatever part of life you are in because you think it would be too hard for you to move forward towards your dreams. It may keep you afraid of taking chances and may stall accomplishments, relationships or money-making enterprises.

So, you can see things much worse or better than they truly are. You are living in a fantasy world and may not be able to distinguish right from wrong, and reality from fantasy. So be careful while making important decisions and ask a trusted friend or family member to help with the decision. It is, however, illustrious time for writing fantastic tales, poetry, or to accomplish many wonderful things in any of the creative arts where you can express yourself freely.

It would help in expressing yourself in this fashion if you are unable to talk about an issue or concern with others. Pluto Rx means this is a transformation time. It breaks down structure in your life and makes it feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under you. It can cause extensive changes in your life and also makes you look inward to see what things you should change within yourself to attract a positive future. It tears down walls, and makes you see the truth all around you and forces you to make alterations in your life. It can be a devastating time, but it also provides you with many new opportunities for the future to get onto a better path and to become a better person.

You will find that business-related and personal relationships are your main interest this month. You may be dealing with secrets or untruths, so double check everything before accepting it as fact. Find another job before leaving your present place of employment. Home life can be a bit stifling and unsettling.

Money issues and higher education formal, lectures, seminars, workshops or training seem to take up much of your time. Seems like a good time to reevaluate what is important to you. Is it possessions and money? Or is it family and friends in your life? You have new insights into domestic and financial issues and can cut through the red tape of a situation quickly. You can get whatever you want now as you plant the seeds of financial, family and business outcomes a little each day. Your positive energy will bloom like a garden and have many different types of blooms.

You find independence in steady, predictable growth. Travel and education seem to be at the top of your list of things to do this month. Are you thinking of furthering your education? Have you taken the proper steps to do that? Both are very positive now, so you must decide which area is more important to you. Philosophies and religion may be of interest now if you are questioning some of your older believes. Reputation and career are important now, so be flexible with others.

Your career and how you handle it is very important at this time. Things seem to be going your way and there will be many more opportunities for a better salary or getting the job you actually want if you go about it in a very slow, deliberate way. If you have a home-based business, then you may want to expand, get a website, blog, or write articles that push your business, etc. Good luck is following you, so you should use this positive energy while it is there.

This is also a wonderful time to mentor a younger person or take care of family members. Interesting month for you. Friendships are essential now. Unburden yourself of negative people. Join a few new interesting groups, collaborate on projects and take this time to do some fun things with your friends and family that you may not have had time to do in the past.

This may be the best time to launch some of your altruistic and humanitarian dreams. Others always need help and you are in a good position to give of your time and energy now. You can make many of your past dreams and ambitions a reality if you give it a little time — concentrate on you for a change! Its time for fun, trying new things, being with positive people and discovering a new side to yourself. And you may discover new things that you will be interested in for a long time to come. Worries attract new problems and concerns. You must break this cycle. Be positive and see the bright side of life for a change.

You will be surprised at how many positive situations are then attracted to you. Concentrate on real issues and not ones that have been around for a long time. The future is what you need to concentrate on. You should take control of your life and start attaining your dreams and not let your fears, doubts and anxieties stand in your way. You are terrified to shine and be in the spotlight, but this is where you should be since you have many wonderful qualities and talents that should be recognized. Perhaps you are procrastinating now as well and should do one thing at a time to get that negative energy away from you so you can shine.

You may also be going back and forth on important matters and find it hard to make a final decision. Make a decision to see it through so you may get on with your life and have a positive future ahead of you. Once you make a decision on all the information you have, you can then move forward. Slight concerns about your financial stability may come and go in your mind. Some confusion or concern about a romantic partner or very close friend may be lurking somewhere in your imagination.

This is a great time to re-examine your possessions, your financial security and other money-related issues. You have enough stuff right now and should be purging your home and office of things that are no longer needed, wanted or useful. Let go of all emotional ties to stuff and decide on voluntary simplicity in your life.

This is a time where you may be very interested in investigations, explorations and inquiries of all kinds. You have traditional values and you will hold onto those qualities to make very important decisions regarding family, especially towards siblings. Family, neighbors, communication and intellect are in center stage now. Not only would this be a wonderful time to start experimenting in the arts, but it will also give you a sense of peace in mind, body and spirit. Dealing with neighbors and family on many levels would work better if you are very clear and precise in your communication with them.

Misunderstandings abound so make sure you know what people are saying to you and vice versa. This is also a time to use your intellect, logic and imagination to plan for a future you really want, whether it is with family or not. Jupiter in Sagittarius right now is blessing all of your plans and helping you move forward in a positive way. All you have to do is go after your dreams. All is there for you for the taking.

You have finally reconciled home life with your dreams and goals. You are very sensitive to the needs of your family and do all you can to make family life happy, positive and abundant in all things. There may be some bumps in the road during the month, but you are well equipped to handle them. Family members may learn valuable lessons from you as they try to emulate your strength and talents.

You know you can do anything, but only good results will make you believe all the good you have done. Work can be challenging at times, but all in all, you have a handle on everything, as usual. You may not like taking charge, but need some organizational skills to get things going in the right direction. You need to take things more seriously so that they will get done as soon as possible. You will persevere. Be ready for some fun, adventure and exploits.

So many amazing opportunities will be introduced to you to get rid of all the upsetting events in your life. Stop taking things so seriously. Be around people who are fun and who can lift your spirits. Try not to take on all the burdens yourself or just handle one situation at a time until it is finished, and then handle the next one and so on. You may also think of some novel ideas of making a little bit of extra money. You are working long hours, but the financial security is worth it to you.

You are doing your best and you must be satisfied with that. Anything that may be considered a health issue should be taken care of by a health care professional. This is a perfect time to start eating right, exercising on a regular basis and helping others eat better as well. Also, this seems to be a time of some confusion or mix-ups. You want to use your intuitive gifts to help others. Learn how to use them properly before trying them on anyone. Be aware that this can be a time of drugs, outrageous dreams, unusual trips.

Stay grounded and learn about the part of the white occult you wish to learn. Take classes, workshops or perhaps watch some of the work there is on Youtube to give you background on whatever you are interested in. Artistic pursuits will be very well received and you will feel as if you have accomplished so much in a little space of time. Remember, contrary to what some numerologists suggest, these personal years are from birthday to birthday. It is your particular birth date that gives you the energy from birthday to birthday. Be sure you get the numbers down to a single digit from 1 — 9.

Of course, if your birthday has not arrived as of yet when you are trying to figure out your personal year, you must use the energy for the last birthday you celebrated When your current birthday arrives, you will be starting a new year from this birthday to your next. This is a great time to undertake new projects as this is the year you will do it. This is one of the most creative years you can have. This is the best year in the 9-year cycle to start anything new, so think of what needs to be accomplished or handled and start it now.

This is an outstanding year to get married especially if the couple is compatible which means that the couple will have a long and lasting marriage. In career, there is no better time to launch a new business or start a new job. You have to do it alone, without partners, friends or family. This is a year of consolidation.

You may take a back seat this year so do it gracefully. This is a time when family members and friends even some acquaintances will be especially important to you. Emotions will be high and you will be extremely sensitive to what others say or think about you. You need to show your patience and understanding to everyone and have the acceptance that not all things will go the way you wish them to.

With your patience and tolerance, you gain wisdom and inner knowledge about what you should go after and what you should leave behind. This is a great year for dealing with people; you can renew old acquaintances and cultivate new ones. This is another creative year where acting, singing, painting, writing or any other form of self-expression will help you accomplish your inner most needs. This is also a good time for social activities and romance, but if single it is best not to tie yourself down with one partner. Outwardly, there should be few problems, but inwardly, you may become upset over small and unimportant instances and circumstances.

This year denotes completing the task at hand. You may have to make sacrifices this year to get what you want. No important changes should be made during this time period because they may backfire. Be organized and focused on goals and projects and be prepared for some delays in completing tasks. Escape from the routine nonsense in your life and have some fun. Once you make a change, be ready for others to follow. Everything that is no longer needed in your life will be pushed aside for the new energy you exhibit to the universe.

What a great year to start a new romance, but wait for a more stable 6 vibration next year to take vows. Responsibilities fill your days this year. Family matters will be important during this time. Many adjustments will have to be made. It will seem like an emotional roller coaster between family and friends including your partner this year but it is the manner in which you respond to the demands of the challenges that will determine the true outcome of this time period.

You need more time for yourself, especially your higher self which you can get through meditation or prayer. Good time to read about metaphysics or spirituality. Yoga is suggested if you are so inclined. Not a good year for investments or business changes. A good year for long trips and extended vacations to off the beaten paths where there is plenty of time to think your life through. This is truly a spiritual growth year. Also, expect the unexpected.

This is considered a harvest year where you reap what you have sown. A strong year to do anything regarding power and wealth. Profound time to start a business, extend your business into partnerships or to expand and speculate. This is a definite material gains year but only if you push to make them happen. On the down side, this can be a time when karmic payback can haunt you which may show in the form of loss of one kind or another.

Generally, a power year. Your basic year of endings. Do not begin things that you wish to last as anything started in a 9 year is doomed to failure. Tie up loose ends, put things on the shelf for another time, and organize your life for the upcoming wonderful new 1-year energy just around the corner. Clean your house, organize your closets, finish paperwork and make plans for new ventures and journeys for your 1 year. Great year to think and plan but not act.

If romance, friendships, marriage, job or home is initiated in this year, it will more than likely be a thing of the past before the year is out. It could be a time of sorrows which could entail some pain or sacrifice on your part. The summer seems to be coming to an end and you have so much that still needs to be done.

Health issues including exercise and diet programs are on your mind. You want to get your body in shape. Even though you have been thinking about a slimmer or healthier you for some time, perhaps you did not give it the old college try. This time it will work. If you need a yearly physical exam, stop putting it off and make an appointment to see your healthcare professional. Many changes are on their way. Right now, personal freedom and choices is a big issue. You would like to be free to make your own path without comments from the peanut gallery. Arians are very strong people who want to defend their right of self-expression no matter what the cost.

Budgeting your income is important now so that you will have whatever you need in the future to deal with unexpected expenditures and responsibilities. You may be thinking of making a very important move in your life. Think of all the consequences before taking on this daunting change. If everything seems to fall into place easily, then it is meant to be. If you need to keep finding obstacles in your path, perhaps this is not the time for you to go in a different direction. Ride out the storm or do something else to pass the time until the time is right.

Nervous energy and maybe feeling a bit depressed and confused over your life may be happening at the moment or will soon follow. This will be short lived. Remember, there are always other options or solutions, even though you may not have thought of them yet. Career continues to go well, but it seems to be getting a tad more stressful and you may be unenchanted with the policy or people you work with. Patience and logic will get your through these challenging times. Hang in there. What a lovely time to take care of yourself inside and out. A spa day, joining a new gym or doing exercises at home and buying a few new outfits on sale for summer would be just what you need to lift your spirits.

This is a wonderful time to rekindle romantic relationships or take your relationship to the next level. If you are not in a romantic partnership at this time, there is always hope.

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  • You tend to be warm, friendly and open now and extremely tolerant of others. Use your quick wit and humor to diffuse any uncomfortable situations and you will do well this month. Most would love to invite you to their parties or get togethers because you are a very interesting and funny person, so when you are invited out — go! Dust off those suitcases and make plans to get away for a vacation or a mini weekend vacation with your partner or family.

    There is so much to be done. You have a list of activities that need to be attended to and so many responsibilities to handle, so before you are overwhelmed with everything, take much needed time for yourself and enjoy.


    Your constant worry does not help anyone including yourself; remember, when you worry about family or friends, you are actually causing them harm. Neighbors may be an issue, whether you are helping them or perhaps having some issue with them, so just be aware that this is a temporary thing and let it go. Otherwise, new beginnings and changes are coming to you. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, it is a sign that you need to take better care of yourself. No one else will do it for you, so you must do it for yourself. You are shedding the old you and looking for a more glamorous you. There is also a good deal of excitement, vitality and good opportunities coming your way.

    This is a great time to expand your business or look for a better position; if you are totally satisfied with your job, then this may be a time for reorganization or a time when you should put some of your amazing ideas into practice. Share them with someone in authority to get the ball rolling. This is also a wonderful time to think about your life and what you love about it and what you wish to change. Making good decisions about your future, your new objectives and goals are very important at this time so think plans through before taking any big steps.

    If you are unsure about a direction to take, perhaps you need to rethink your plans and move a bit slower. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about spirituality and enlightenment. Reading metaphysical or esoteric books, going to lectures and seminars or any other form of learning in this field will be in your best interest. You feel as if many things are changing in your life and the choices you make in the next few months will make a big difference in your future. Choose logically and wisely. Think things through carefully and then make an informed decision.

    You should be very patient and try to understand the issues they are dealing with. In turn, they will be very understanding towards any of your concerns or worries that may come up in the future. Romantic affairs as well as children may also be confusing issues for you and you really want to straighten things out because you are getting tired of the chaos. Be aware that those close to you may exaggerate or lie about situations, their feelings or beliefs because they do not want to hurt your feelings.

    Be considerate and let them off of the hook easily because they actually thought you would have been otherwise upset. Making decisions is never an easy task for you; however, this seems to be a very important time where you must weigh friendships and relationships in general to see whose side you will take and which direction you will proceed after sifting through all of the facts. This is a month of handling your responsibilities and obligations with a smile on your face, so you can move on to more fun things that you want to do.

    Ask for help from loved ones or close friends who would like to repay you for all the positive things you have done for them over the years. Even though you may seem as if you are on a perpetual see-saw, trying to get things done and then being stymied by responsibilities and tasks, things will straighten out and you will feel a great deal of accomplishment and pride in getting your jobs done.

    Be aware of your words since a stray thought or comment could alienate you from a loved one. Be extra caring and compassionate towards your partner so that life will be more enjoyable as a couple. The burdens of life are lifting slowly but surely and you are much more able to handle any issues that come your way. Being a very patient yet stubborn person, you will not want anyone or anything to get in the way of your upcoming plans. Part of your wishes for drastic changes including jobs, moving and even in an important relationship, are only in the thinking stages at this time.

    Some are considering retirement or taking a part time job instead of dealing with the monotony of your current position. Others will finally make a bold move and think about starting their own home-based business and have the freedom they always wanted to work from home and to have a more flexible lifestyle. Thinking changes drastically. Your core being is in a transition phase of what do you really want in this life vs. Fear is the only thing holding you back from doing what you want to do. Perhaps finding something that is fun or enjoyable would be a good place to start to see what is missing in your life.

    This is not the best time to look for a new romantic partner, but there may be some issues with your current one. Figure out what the issues are and then just deal with them one at a time until compromise or resolution is reached — then all will be well. Health seems to improve even though you may not be taking extraordinary care of yourself.

    You are trying! Money and your financial security are blessed now, but be a bit cautious about large expenditures since you are in a very generous mode and may just give your financial security to those who really do not deserve it. This is a time to shine in many areas of your life. Do what you want to do and try what you have been unable to do in the past. Be open to new ideas, but try to be a bit more grounded and focused when taking on too many new responsibilities. As long as you think things through logically and with your infamous reasoning abilities, you will be able to do everything on your mind now.

    Even though some of the family issues may seem too overwhelming to deal with at times, things will be going in a much better direction if you take the lead and make some much-needed decisions. You cannot change anyone else, so change your reaction or lack of reaction and everyone else will adjust to follow your lead. Make sure you are not worrying about anyone that you love since the negative energy will only attract more negativity to your loved one—send blessings, love and good decisions their way instead.

    There seems to be so many changes on the horizon for you in the near future that life will be an interesting adventure with many new joys, celebrations and tons of fun. Home life is important and may change. Making decisions about your future is also just as important. Getting your home set up the way you want it would be a great first step towards making your house or apartment seem as if it is finally your sacred space.

    Get everything that you need to make the space your own. If single, this is the time to go out and have some fun after some of the upsetting circumstances during the last few months. Your mind is constantly thinking of the past or those from your past and it would be wise to deal with those situations whether through therapy, counseling or prayer. New furniture may be on the agenda or at the very least a quick facelift of your space perhaps through painting a few rooms, window treatments or brilliant colored bed linens.

    Organizing and reorganizing seems to be in your future. You are not quite sure exactly what you want to have done, but once you figure it out, your space will be stunning. Your charm and charisma are well known in the astrological community and you seem to be using it a lot to get what you want. Then you will find yourself in the deep end of a hole that you have dug yourself into without a shovel in sight.

    Deal with this time in a spiritual or religious way. You need to relax, meditate and get in touch with your inner self. Perhaps you may want to go to a retreat as a vacation to center and ground yourself. Being careful with finances is also a good thing since you may be tempted to spend impulsively. Learning how to deal with a budget would be a positive step to your financial future and security. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, writer and lecturer for over 47 years. The solar eclipses below will indicate if they are for the benefit of positive or negative signs. When an eclipse is not in your positive or negative group, it does not give you easy opportunities or positive energy to make things go your way.

    You must be very persistent to make things go the way you want them to. Things may get blown out of proportion and life gets difficult. These could result in issues with: family, partners, health, career or money and so many other areas of life. So, on an eclipse, make it a positive day no matter what you do and the next six months and your life will steadily improve.

    What are your goals? This is a great time to deal with your wish list of what you really want to happen in your life to help push your dreams, aspirations and desires forward. It can heal you on so many levels as Mother Moon sends her blessings and good luck your way to deal with anything going on in your life from an emotional point of view. However, the solar eclipse is like a video that gets played over and over again until the next one which occurs. So, this is a great time to plan that day as best you can. Be creative, have fun and do spend the time doing what you really want to be doing for the next six months.

    Avoid people you want out of your life and they will be weeded out automatically a little at a time. No operations, dentists, medical procedures of any kind on that day or you will be going to the doctor until the next eclipse. DO NOT pay bills on that day or your intent is to always be paying bills. AND do put money in the bank so you will have more money to save than spend. Read, write, do something artistic, take a walk, start an exercise program, a healthy diet or do something that makes you feel wonderful — a makeover perhaps?

    Lunar eclipses always occur on full moons. It could show you the way to help others who have less than you do. Emotions that we may not like, such as anger, jealousy, fear or aggression, may need to be handled. It also helps us become the person we wish to be. Lunar eclipses can be very important times of self-discovery.

    This is a great time to get out and do whatever it is you need to do. You have the energy, the intent and the vision to make your life pleasurable and to get rid of anything that is negative. You are energized and excited about doing so many interesting things and having new experiences this summer. Partnerships are not a major concern although you wonder if you are really with your perfect partner sometimes. Business partnerships may change or you are looking for more dynamic energy to expand your business. You are ready for the unexpected, and are ready to reconsider your career goals.

    Even though things may get relatively confusing, just keep your cool, do what needs to be done and you will be going in the right direction. Your friends are helpful now. You are too busy and stressed; you need some down time which they will insist upon. When you find a spare moment, you should take a walk in your garden, neighborhood, a local park or just go on a picnic to rejuvenate yourself.

    Your emotional life is becoming more balanced every day and you are thinking in a much more home-like fashion. Do you need a new place to live, a more nurturing environment, or are you just going to tweak your current living arrangements to make them more appealing? House hunting, home and yard projects or seeing your home with new eyes and new intention is very important.

    Good changes are coming your way if you know how to use the energy around you. Keep in touch and try to rekindle the friendship between you. Fix family relationships too or bring more joy to them. Promoting a business may be what you currently need to do to bring in more money. You have too many irons in the fire and need to focus on the most important issue, job or situation that will bring in the most money or makes you the happiest. You may be changing jobs, looking for a new home or trying to find out if the relationship you are in is the right one for you.

    Nothing seems to be satisfying you now, so you are looking for every option or contingency to see if you can find that happiness and lust for life that you used to feel. On the other hand, this is a great time to travel, get further formal education or attend lectures, seminars, events, workshops or training programs from which you could get a certification for another job.

    Communication is important so you must talk to those with whom there is an issue. You need to straighten things out and be understood. Do not let others make you feel badly about anything that you have done. Things just seem complicated now and a bit confusing, especially where you are concerned.

    You will be doing a lot of thinking to sort things out and will be very active. Good luck is on your side now so start new projects and get things underway that have been on the back burner. You are getting serious about so many things in life now, including a loved one. If married or in a relationship already, things seem to be going in a much better direction. Unusual situations and changes in your life make you rethink all of the help you have given to others. You need to keep your own counsel and not share a lot of your feelings with others.

    The time will be right when others should know how they have injured you or caused you some regret. Your time is coming. Home life is very important now so make sure you get back to basics and stop being so sensitive! You are planning to revamp, refurbish or redesign your space. Make sure you are not worrying over nothing and communicate with others so everyone is on the same page.

    Keeping things inside will not help anyone. You are confused, concerned and have a lot of issues to deal with which seem to cause you fears, doubts, anxieties and possible depression. Be strong and take the bull by the horns and deal with whatever you have to and move in the right direction.

    Deal with facts and handle things as they come. More money is coming your way, so if you are planning to start or expand a business, this is the time to do it. You are handling things better now than earlier in the year. You have come to the realization that you want to go after things that make sense to you and not do what other people want you to do.

    Librans seem to be setting more boundaries so that they have more time to do what they need to do to satisfy their ambitions, career and free time. Business or personal partnerships seem to change, but in a good way. You are attracting positive partners and will also find time for yourself to share with family and friends in travel, activities, family parties and celebrations. Taking care of family seems paramount now. You want to be everything to everyone, but be careful not to over extend yourself.

    Your constant complicated routine of working, cleaning, taking care of everything, shopping, laundry, hobbies, nights with the family, cooking, etc. Get help, organize, delegate and set up a time to visit friends or family for some relaxation. A yoga or meditation class would be great to relieve stress. Also, try to take more classes in various areas of interest including hobbies and crafts in which you have an interest.

    Things are falling into place for you now. Just when you think nothing else is going to change, here comes another life altering experience.


    However, with these changes comes good energy and new beginnings in so many areas of life. You are getting things accomplished and are happy with the result. There may be some health issues that need to be looked into, but once you take the initiative and go to the doctor or health care professional, you will be relieved to find out that your issue is not as bad as you had thought or that it can be taken care of easily. Caps are hard-working and diligent, but somehow the universe is always ready to push you into something new whether or not you are ready for the change.

    Home life is interesting now and seems to conflict with what you want out of life or goes against your beliefs at this time. Dramatic instances and upheavals may seem upsetting at the time, but in the long run, it happened to help you move forward into a new direction. This could be a direction you never thought of, but now there is guidance to go into that new direction. Think things through and weigh all of the options for your future. Good luck will find you once you feel you are going in the right direction — that luck will push you towards your goals and dreams.

    Sometimes situations from the past should stay in the past. Thinking of the past will only cause you upset and never get you to where you need to be to find to improve your romantic relationship or to find a new partner. Finances continue to be an issue, but with diligence and careful planning, all the concerns will be easily handled. Budgeting is an important tool to get your finances back on track and to take care of all the obligations that you need to.

    But do not be a cheap skate.

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    • Buy what you need at this time and take those vacations that will make your relationship with your spouse stronger. You would prefer never to handle another responsibility again, but they do seem to continuously find you. This is a wonderful time to write, act, paint or do whatever you feel is in your artistic nature. You may also be involved in some intrigue that gets you into trouble. Things may seem to be blown out of proportion but in a good way. You may have too many friends, too much work, too many parties to go to and just too much to do for the time you have allotted.

      Organization is the key to your success now.