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Your Astrological Birth Chart and Daily Horoscope

The location, date, and time of your birth is all that is needed to calculate your birth chart. Visually a chart is a degree wheel divided into 12 sections. Each section is named after the famous constellations or zodiac signs that we are all familiar with i. Your planets are plotted onto the wheel to see which sign they fall into to. For example, to calculate your Sun sign we look at which zodiac constellation the Sun was sitting in at the time of your birth.

Astrologers interpret this map by looking at the interplay of all your astrological elements and based on the archetypes that each of the signs represent.

Chinese Astrology - Find The Secret of Your Life

Each planet can offer insight into your individual character and clarity about your soul's avenues for growth and personal evolution. Astro-Charts was created to usher in fresh and fun energy to astrology on the internet. Our birth charts natal charts balance a modern look combined with up-to-date and accurate data from planetary databases created by NASA. We do all the calculations for your birth chart natal chart and handle daylight savings and other nuanced location situations.

Personal Horoscope by Birth Date

It is constructed for a year when the sun returns to the same sign and degree as that of its natural position. The birth horoscope or what we call Kundli , is the cast for the time of birth of the person. The varshphal is however solar based i. It's not just Vedic Astrology but also, very popular these days, Western Astrology which is based on birth date astrology.

This branch is based on a persons Sun -Sign.

Natal Chart Calculator

Based on birthdate the western astrology defines 12 Zodiac signs, each representing a particular period of time in the annual calendar forming these 12 classes of Zodiac sign. We're here on AstroSage. We wish you have the same experience yourself going through our list of free online reports based on birth date astrology. Remember Me.

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Time 24 hours format. Place Min. Advanced Settings Longitude. Time Zone. DST Correction 0 1 2. Ayanamsa N.

How To Make Sense Of Your Birth Chart

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Old B. The orange planetary symbols in the outer wheel represent the transiting moving planets on January 1, A trained astrologer would compare and contrast the two charts. When a transiting orange planet makes contact with one of the natal blue planets, it activates specific energy, one that can be either opportune or challenging. Knowing this allows you to plan ahead.

Like we said—this can take years of practice or a trained astrological eye to interpret, but the foresight can be a game-changer! You can plug in any date, past or future, and run a transit chart that compares the planets in motion your birth chart. Transit charts are super helpful for planning. Transit charts are also great for historical perspective: You can look back at important moments in your life—new love, relocations, deaths, breakups, career coups, job losses.

Do a chart or an estimated one to see what was happening in the stars then. Example of a natal plus transit chart via Astro-Seek.

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